So it's almost 6:00am...

 ...and i'm still awake - and watching 30 Rock - and loving it! These day, I constantly ask myself why I cannot sleep, and more importantly how I possibly survive the days that follow the sleepless night without keeling over. But why-ever it is, I have to say that it is what it is (song title from "Keep It Simple") and I'm dealing with it as best I can. I'm cruising to Palm Springs tomorrow (aka today) and thinking about all the great things that will come about both this weekend and, for that matter, the rest of the month...and two months...and year...and three years.

I've got quite the time ahead of me: 

- My fiance, life long love and closest friend in the world is coming back home after 6 months from where he's been on deployment, thousands of miles away from me
- I'm playing music at a wedding in Tampa, Florida, where I've never been, and am SO incredibly anxious and excited to go
- I'm getting MARRIED!!
- I'm moving to Fiji for 3 years...YIKES! (a move that will entail re-evaluating/rewriting my whole purpose, job, ideas of success, etc.) - AND I couldn't be more excited!
- A handful of my closest friends are all tying the knot within months of each other
- I'm acquiring more gigs than I've ever had before, and am although extraordinarily exhausted, I'm extraordinarily busy, super excited and also curious about what will happen to them/me when I move across the world in 9 months (and counting!)...
- Etc, etc, etc.

Wowee wow wow.
What a year. 

You know what I think?

I think that all that is happening in these next 12 months may have some effect on my sleeplessness. Perhaps. Maybe...

The last time I was as insomniac (?) as I am now was back in College at Chapman U, in 1999, when I was exiting my parents home and living on my own, as a pseudo-adult for the very first time.

SO I guess in the book of Allegra's Life:
Change and extreme growth = no sleep

It all, quite frankly, makes me quite curious and contemplative (to the point where I'm writing blogs at 6:00am, clearly, running on fumes and adrenaline).

To be honest, recently returning from my three week long west coast tour, sleeplessness has actually returned as a common function in my life. Sleeping in a different bed (or tent) every night for 22 days brought my sleep habits back to quite a sporadic and inconsistent place.  BUT...I have to say - at least for now -it works. Not that it will work for an extended amount of time. In fact I'm sure it will not.  Especially looking forward to all of the upcoming events in my life. Sleep must absolutely return to it's normality eventually. Or else I may go completely berserk...that, or start writing some incredibly deep music..or both.

So there's that. The sun is rising, the nights darkness has started fading into daylight, the 4th episode of 30 Rock is gracing my television and I am finishing what seems to be an awfully long yet not exceedingly important blog.  

If you're reading it, I hope you enjoy it. If you're not reading it, that means you're probably asleep like most normal people.

So enjoy the read or sleep well, and I'll be talking to you soon!




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