Now Accepting Applications: Roadie NEEDED

I LOVE my job. I get to sing for a living. I think that is the greatest thing ever. I was thinking about success the other day, and this is what I thought: my goodness, I'm successful at what I do. I love that for my job, I constantly make people listen, smile, laugh, learn and enjoy life - with music.
However there is one thing about my job that i do not like. In fact, I've come to the conclusion that not even do I just dislike this one thing, but I loathe it. It makes me sluggish and un-eager to get to gigs. For some reason it stresses me out and makes me almost not want to go play music. 

The thing?

Setting up and tearing down equipment.
I've decided (in all my infinite wisdom...) that the set up and tear down process of my gigs steals a little bit of my soul every time.
It might sound silly, but I honestly think Set Up/Tear Down is holding me back...from being the absolute best version of myself.

Here's the thing...
I like to dress up when I'm on stage. I like to wear a well thought out outfit, spend some time on my hair and makeup and, most all the time, wear high heels. Carrying amps, guitars, gig bags, chords, stands, merchandise and the rest is not the easiest or most comfortable thing to do with heels on - especially when I am playing a crowded bar or perhaps a club downtown where parking is sparse and 10 blocks away.
Secondly, when I finally make it to the venue with all of the cases of gear there's a lot of bending down and standing up while I get all dialed in. Back and fourth, bend down, stand up, worry about ankles, bend down, stand up, pull jeans up, ben down, pull jeans up again, worry about sore feet, etc.
Third things third, When I finally do get set up, it's impossible to do a 'sound check' as all I can hear from the stage is an unmonitored version of me. I'm mostly guessing as to how I sound to the people sitting in front of the speakers. 

I could go on, but you get the point.

Bottom line: I've decided that I need a Roadie. I'm fairly sure that the ultra happiness, welI being and longevity of my carreer depends on it. I want to hire someone to come to gigs before I do, get my equipment inside, set it up, and sound check it, and then to come back when I'm finished, tear down my equipment and put it back in the car.

So...who's interested?? 

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