Not enough blogs? I'll work on it.

 I was out at lunch with my beautiful friend Laina with whom I've not chatted extensively with for over 10 years. There were brief hello's in '09 at our High School reunion, but that's about it. We reconnected over facebook when I alerted all my friends via status update that I'll be moving to Fiji in a little less than a year. It's pretty great news, and I am overwhelmed with excitement and nerves, and Laina contacted me and said how great it was that Fiji is in my future and she would love to tell me all about it, as she's been there an extensive amount of times, including getting married there, over the past 12 plus years.
Rock and roll.
It was so great to see her and talk Fiji over a couple of burritos from Rico's Taco Shop in Encinitas (on an aside, it was the most perfect day for a beautiful coastal drive!) and play a little catch up. 

During our conversation, she asked me, "So do you have a blog?"
To which I replied, "Yes, I do. It's at Allegrasings. But don't go there. I haven't written anything, and the stuff I posted isn't that great."

My silly answer really got me thinking about why I'm not writing constantly. 
And the reason is because I want you all to believe i'm really ridiculously clever, charming and funny all the time. So when I write a blog post that I believe won't come off as such, i store it in a cobwebby folder on my desktop titled Blogs. It should, however, be titled Blogs that I intend to post after editing and making perfect, but let's face it, I'm nowhere near the writer i'd like to be so these blogs will never be seen again.

That would be more accurate.
And a little depressing, knowing of myself that one of my favorite things in life is to complete things. I never want to leave anything undone, unfinished, with any loose ends...

This all took me to browsing google, just out of curiousity, for other people who have had unfinished work, and what may have been their reasoning for it. 
So this is a pretty cool list. Check it out...
Top Ten Unfinished Works

But what i've found in my meanderings, googlings, conversations, etc. is that I need to lock it up and start posting these blogs. All the people in top ten above had really way too decent reasons for unfinished work. I, on the other hand, do not.

So i'm going to start posting more blogs. And if they're unclever, boring, anti-factual or bothersome in anyway, at least there's hope that next time i'll be back on my game. 
Here's hoping, and enjoy what's to come :)


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