Line for Line with Molly

Lately I've been spending a bit more face to face skype time with one of my very best girlfriends from back home, Molly. About a month ago, when both of us were similarly recovering from some downs and really looking forward to some ups, she suggested we start a line for line writing session. 

A line for line is a piece of poetry that is passed back and forth, sort of like a hot potato. In our case, it was more like a bag of delicious potato chips, as we both like to take our time with words and have no problem with talking and expressing more than less...probably one of the reasons we get along so well. So here's our line for line. It's about life. And angels. And puzzle pieces. And falling down and getting up. And depending on friends. And all that good stuff. You get the gist. (I won't tell you which lines belong to whom - i'll leave that to beautiful mystery)

Enjoy :)

If ever i needed a reminder of just how much I'm loved,
I can't think of any better example than the time life attempted to break my spirit while love simply took my hand and showed me how to rise above.
All through my angels you see, the real and everyday physical beings from the past and present day that redefined the very word for me.
That redefine me.

They redefine me, especially in the moments defeat is my worst enemy and sadness or anger and hopelessness try their best to overcome me.
Like times I start to pity me for things that don't deserve the pity.
But the party's already started and there's nowhere left to look but skyward, friend-ward, forward, open-hearted.

Party time until the time these tears become the departed
Forward, backward, one step, two step, living and learning
Relentlessly earning
Puzzle pieces of wisdom keep churning
Out and through all my angel's that keep working
For me. With me. Beside, below and above me. They love me.

They look over me and down on me, surround me with positivity
Or, better yet, the ability to see myself through the scattered jigsaw pieces all around me.
Some put together, beginning to form pictures; lessons learned for me to see.
And still some in little piles, turned upside down and backwards, with no place, just yet in the puzzle of me...

At least no place yet that I can see. But my angels remind me to believe.
They remind me of the beauty in everything we can't see.
How the upside down and backwards moments we face force us to see not who we are but who we can be.
Truly trusting that all of the dismal damages incurred always do come in handy.

And trust me, the damages have been plenty. Some just outside my zone of easy, and some farther out like their own different country.
And honestly, sometimes when any hope is farther than my eyes can see,
It becomes necessary to come back to the fact that if i crack or react in ways that hold me tied back or restrained,
i have those beautiful angels there to share the pain.

They handle it, hold it just long enough for me to unfold it.
The unbalanced footing inside feelings that remain held tight and openly exposed inside a picture frame of my life.
Memorialized memories now mimicked by those unknown onlookers, following in my footsteps.
Connecting every doubtfully confident concept of my understanding of it all.
Live or die, rise or fall, for better or worse, I've seen it, I've been in, up, down, around it all.
Knowing that the brightest life moments when i stood tall were only felt because of the equally felt deepest darkest moments of every fall.

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