Back From Tour!

Here I am, back in San Diego after 20 days of being on the road...
20 days.
15 shows.
14 cities.
Camping, playing, exploring, partying, writing, jamming, loving, learning,
My head is in quite the tizzy  - my head and heart.

For these last 3 weeks I have felt more alive than i've ever remembered feeling.
I'm not sure if it's the open road, that rush of spontainaity, the spark in my creative process, the people, the places or just the pure excitement of not knowing what's coming next, where I'll lay my head come night time, who i'm going to meet tomorrow...but it is most definitely invigorating. It's a high that i'm fairly certain I am coming down off of at this moment and having withdrawls, just as if I have injested something bad for me and am feeling the repricussions of my badness.

But yet I'm certain that the high of the tour wasn't badness at all. Pure goodness. Pure lifeline. Purely musical. And truly more amazing than I could've ever been lead to believe.
So i've got things to think about. You know, the little inconsequential things...Who am I? What do I want out of life? In what capacity does touring need to be in my existence? What do I need to be happy?

So there it is. I'll be playing five shows this week. I'd love to see you out at one if you'd like to come have a drink with me and talk about deep stuff.
...or if you just want to talk about the weather. I'd still love to see you.

Hello, San Diego. It's good to see you again


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